Feminism, queer theory and visual culture

1)     Repertoires of masculinity:

Signs of masculinity displayed in this scene for John Lotter

actions: sitting wildly, let the little girl drink his own beer, keep taking cigarette

Clothing: short sleeve t-shirt (showing muscle), using more dark colour, with jeans and sneakers

language: a lot of false language, talk loudly

way of looking: bear, with muscle, curly hairImage

Signs of masculinity displayed in this scene for Brandon Teena

action: driving car wildly, didn’t care about those girls in the car, having the middle finger up to enemies

Clothing: dark colour shirt, blue jeans and mens shoes, having a big biker coat with him.

language: didn’t speak a lot of false language but speak like a man

way of looking: short hair, act like a man




2)     A pattern of looks

IMG_0706 IMG_0708 IMG_0707


Who looks at Brandon? A: no one is looking him, Lana didn’t have eye contact with Brandon although she sit beside him

Who do Brandon look at and how? A: He look at Lana with a lovely face expression talking us (the audience) that he love her.

DO we look with certain characters and not with others? A: Yes, in this scene, it talks about Lana and Brandon only, this is a love scene and is only suitable for them only.

Whose eyes does the audience watch Brandon through? A: Lana, as his girlfriend

Do we see other characters through John or Brandon’e eyes? A: no, they are in the mode that only couples can go to and that mean they have each other only in their eyes.

Are we offered a separate gaze or do we take up the gaze of other characters in the film? A: We are offered a separate gaze in the film because the director give out the message of we need to look things in Brandon’s viewing point.


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