Week 6: Whiteness

Why do we not commonly talk of ‘white’ as racial marker?

–       Invisibility of whiteness in popular culture means that ‘to say one is interested in race has come to mean that one is interested in any racial imagery other than that of white people’

–       While whiteness is invisible, its sheer presence, if thoroughly assessed, could be found in many, if not all western texts, which speaks volumes about the integration between the culture of whiteness and the dominant culture

–       ‘There is no more powerful position than that of being ‘just’ human’. The voice of white people has come to speak for the whole of humanity. Though we are brought up with enough ideologies from social institutions to accept the dominance of white culture to such a degree that no racial marker is needed in discourse to actually set ‘white’ standards as the human race’s standards.

–       There is the recognition that white people don’t see their white privilege, and that ‘whiteness is nothing in particular’. How could one use whiteness as any mean of social measure when there is not one with which to identify, at least according to their western values?

Friends US TV show


The US TV show Friends (1994-2004) often draws criticism regarding its all white cast. Black characters from time to time are just one-off characters who often tread in the footstep of widely known stereotypes such as the loudmouth nurses, tough-as-nail bosses or dancers. It is not until its ninth year running that Friends finally introduce to viewers a reoccurring and significant love interest for some of its cast.


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